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My Dotfiles project

Posted on 2 mins read

I’ve never blogged about dotfiles. Some of you might be familiar with the concept. If you are not, stay with me because you are going to love it.

The idea of dotfiles it to put into a git repository all the configuration steps and files that you need to setup a new machine. You put your bash/zsh config there, and your git aliases and scripts. On a Mac, you’d also list all the homebrew packages that you use. You’d also script all the settings changes that you usually do manually. You know, activate tap to click on a MacBook for example.

The idea is also to share your own settings with others so that we can improve ourselves.

My dotfiles project is on GitHub.

Among other things, you’ll find a nice script that installs all the homebrew and cask formulas listed in a file, that are not already installed.

You will also find the last version of my unbreakable build script.

And there are a couple of git script that make it easy to rebase very often, on a pull or just to reorganise the commits you haven’t pushed yet.

Have fun and please give me feedback on thing I should know better
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