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QLEEK - Your Digital Life in the Real World

Today, let’s not talk about Java or Cloud as usual. Let’s talk about a project on Indiegogo I found really nice.

The project is QLEEK a hub for our digital life in the real world. The idea is very simple.

You have a buttonless device and nice hexagons made of wood. Each hexagon is the “bookmark” for some digital content. You insert the wooden hexagon (or Tapp) into the base station and some music starts to play or some video shows on TV.

I love this idea of using simple real life objects to drive our digital experience. More often than not you have to use stupid buttons, remote, GUI… Even voice control is kind of stupid.

Let’s reuse the usage patterns we had with tapes, books, CDs but linked to digital content.

I’m sure my kids will love it!

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