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Next Code-Story event : IUT Agile

Posted on 2 mins read

Tomorrow, with Jean-Laurent, we’ll be talking at IUT Agile. In fact when I say “talking”, what I really mean is “coding and talking”. We’ll present our classic Code-Story exercise:

A whole day live-coding.

We are going to code a simple web application, live, starting from scratch, explaining to the audience every step of our work, every choice of tool, every design decision. We’ll stick to small, under an hour, iterations that are self sufficient if you prefer to attend to other talks.

Each iteration will be the opportunity to demonstrate how we can develop web applications with modern tools. We hope to show the attendees many things:

  • Web applications CAN be developed test-first.
  • Java IS a modern tool to develop for the web.
  • Java developers SHOULD learn to love the JavaScript ecosystem.
  • Being able to explain your choices is one of the most important challenge for the modern developer.
Looking forward to seeing some of you there.
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