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Post on Campfire with Ansible

Posted on 2 mins read

If you started using Hubot and Campfire after yesterday’s post, here’s a snippet that you might find useful.

On our project, we prepare our cloud vms and deploy our applications with Ansible. Anybody can deploy at any time so it’s handy to tell the team members that a redeploy is in progress and that they don’t have to do it. Our Hubot is in charge of telling everybody the actions taken on our different platforms. In fact, it’s our Ansible playbook that connects to Campfire as Hubot.

Here’s the playbook task we use:

- hosts: vms
    branch: master
    target: prod
    subscription: CAMPFIRE_ACCONT
    room: ROOM_ID
    - name: Notify the team that a redeploy is going on
      campfire: subscription={{subscription}} token={{token}} room={{room}} msg="Somebody is redeploying the {{target}} from branch [{{branch}}]"
    - name: Redeploy
    - name: Notify the team that a redeploy was done
      campfire: subscription={{subscription}} token={{token}} room={{room}} msg="The {{target}} was redeployed from branch [{{branch}}]"
That's it. Simple but useful
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