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Serious Fun with Hubot

Posted on 2 mins read

For our project, I setup an Hubot on a micro instance on Compute Engine to help us both have fun and do serious stuff.

A bot for serious stuff

For those who don’t know Hubot, it’s a bot written in CoffeeScript that reacts to commands you send him. We choose to plug it to our Campfire chat room. That way Hubot can tell us when a commit is done on Bitbucket, when Jenkins fails (although Jenkins has been down for months on our project…), when the production is being redeployed with ansible.

A bot for fun

But hubot is not just about work. It’s also very handy when you need to translate a word, send a random kitten image to the team or add a mustache to any image. The bot also knows how to congratulate us when somebody behaves like a boss

"hubot: mustache me"

Moustache me

Next steps

On my todo list, I need to teach Hubot to redeploy environnements by himself and monitor our production.

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