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The Brown Bag Lunch Community

Posted on 2 mins read

Late 2012, I announced on this blog I was available to speak about technical subjects during the lunch break. Companies would invite me, pay the lunch and I would make a presentation. I called this a BBL. Brown Bag Lunch.

Basically, I would "Speak for Food".

Since then I animated more than twenty BBLs. And I had to turn down a lot of opportunities. Because, you know, I have a job!

That's great!

Something even more incredible is what Nathaniel Richand & François Sarradin have done with this idea. They built a whole community with 115 baggers as of today. Yes, 115! That’s incredible. And this is for France only.

 Baggers in France

If you want to build that kind of community in your country, and I think you should, contact these guys.

Long live BBLs!
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