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Creating a VM on GCE got (even) easier

Posted on 2 mins read

One thing developers tend to like about Google Compute Engine is how easy it is to create a new instance. Wether you do it through the GUI or with the command line tool, it’s a no-brainer.

Well, some people thought there was still too many options available.

So now, the console shows a streamlined interface to create a VM. All the advanced options are now one-click away. Basically, this shows only the most important choices when creating a VM: Zone, Machine type, Disk, Image, IP.


It’s nice to see the console getting a refresh based on user’s feedback and analytics. It’s depressing when users are kept away from using a good product because they are asked too many questions at once.

My little finger told me that there’s work in progress to streamline the first experience with Compute Engine. Right now, you need a lot of clicks and a credit card to create even the smallest VM. That should be simpler soon.

Stay tuned!

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