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I am a developer

Posted on 2 mins read

Last week-end, I was a little bored and wanted to create a website where French developers could say how proud they are to be developers. Almost 600 people registered.

That’s a funny experiment for many reasons:

People are afraid of lists

Lot’s of people don’t want to see their face on a list. Just because it’s a list. I respect that and didn’t expect such reaction. We blog, tweet, poke, like. The developer part of our life is not really private anymore. If I look at myself, the more I make public actions, the more I get in return.

Lot's of people are proud of being developers

That’s great. I also feel that some are proud and at the same time would like a better recognition. Developers want to be loved!

Developing the site was super easy

Developing this kind of simple site is so trivial. No more heavy web framework with fluent-http, easy deployment with Google Compute Engine, simple emails with Elastic mail. That’s really nice. The slowest part of the process was DNS propagation!

At the end of the day, I feel really proud being a developer!

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