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Google's Cloud was upgraded and the answer is 42

Posted on 2 mins read

Today, Google is going to make big announcements about its Cloud Platform.

The vision

Their goal is crystal clear: “Make the best public cloud”. The vision is that the market for their public cloud could one day be bigger than ads. So big it might one day answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

What do I expect from these announcements?

I’d like SSL built into Compute Engine’s load balancer.

I’d like monitoring built into Compute Engine.

I want even better tools to manage my instances. Something with more features than the (very good) Api but less complicated than Puppet, Chef, Salt or Ansible.

I’d like an even more open Google App Engine. I want to choose my runtime. I want less limitations. I want to keep the simplicity. Right now, I deploy Docker containers on Compute Engine. How about let App Engine auto scale my Docker containers?

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