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Back to BBLs (Brown Bag Lunches)

Five years ago I announced that I was very interested in talking to developers about technologies and tools I love during Brown Bag Lunches. It worked VERY well, the reception was awesome and for a few years I did many of them.

What is a BBL?

The idea is that you invite me for lunch or tea-time and that I talk about subjects I know of and that interest you in exchange for a free lunch.

It can either be a very well prepared talk or a simple open discussion. It depends on the subject and on your expectations.

Ok, let’s do that!

After a long pause for the last two years, having joined Google as a Developer Advocate on the Cloud Patform, I’m ready to do it again!

If you’re willing to exchange about Containers, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform or anything related to developer experience, please contact me! Let’s rather do that in the Paris area first because I’m based out of Paris…

Contact me at david at gageot dot net.

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