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Mockito and asynchronous code

Posted on 2 mins read

On Friday, I talked about using Awaitility. It’s a good tool to black-box test asynchronous code. You trigger an action and then wait for a predicate to be true.

Another tool I use a lot to test asynchronous code is Mockito. People tend to forget that Mockito is able to verify calls on a mock with the same kind of polling mechanism as Awaitility.

Here’s a code sample:

public void async() {
  Receiver receiver = mock(Receiver.class);

  Sender sender = new Sender(receiver);"hello");

  verify(receiver, timeout(1000)).onMessage("hello");

Simple, yet very effective.

Mockito is more for white-box testing than Awaitility.

Also, remember that the easiest way to test asynchronous code is to make it synchronous!

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