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Devoxx France – Day 2

Today at Devoxx, I was amazed by the number of people interested by Docker. I mean, there’s the Devops mouvement. I’m found of Ops myself. But seeing something like 200 developers seated in a full room, for Docker, 15 minutes before the talk even started, that’s amazing. To put that in perspective, here’s two photos I took from two adjacent rooms. The first one is from the Docker room. The second one is from a room where speakers talked about Real-Time Risk Analysis, high frequency trading, big data. Very attractive subjects. A couple a years ago, people would have killed to see this kind of presentation. And maybe the speakers were just great. I don’t know. I’m sure they were. It’s just that the momentum is elsewhere. Docker is a key component of our future.

Devoxx Devoxx

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