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One day, one post. 6 weeks, 30 posts

Posted on 4 mins read

It’s been six weeks that I’ve been blogging every working day. The theory behind this challenge I gave to myself is that if I don’t blog often enough, I should then force me to blog every day. Well, six weeks that’s 30 posts, compared to a grand total of 198 posts in ten years. What a change!

So how long does it take me?

I think it takes me an average of ten minutes a day. That quite short. There’s a good reason why it’s so quick: I blog only about things I do for my daily job. Each time I do something that’s interesting to me, I think it can interest other people. So I blog about it. Also, I try to keep my posts short. That’s one thing to write everyday, that’s another to read everyday.

How long will I keep on doing that?

I really don’t know, sometimes I do boring stuff I can’t blog about. Sometimes I discover thing that give me ideas of posts for a whole week. I could talk about what other people around me do but I prefer to talk things I do or things I use.

So how long?

Well I managed to blog every day for six weeks. Let’s try another six weeks and see how it goes! Expect some more content about Java 8, Google Compute/App Engine and web development.

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