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Win your ticket for Mix-IT 2014

I’d like to make you win a ticket for Mix-IT 2014. Yes, you heard correctly, a ticket for 2 days of talks and workshops in the city of Lyon.

Obviously, I can’t give this ticket at random. Such a conference requires a little sweat. You need to prove you are worth it.

Enters Fluent Http. Fluent Http is the stack we are actively developing with Jean-Laurent. Our aim is to build a simple yet full fledged web stack based on modern Java (yes it’s possible) and other carefully chosen technologies. It won’t fit all needs but should be enough to write most simple to medium web applications.

Your mission is to propose the best Pull-Request. Something that will improve the product. I’ve got a todo list here but you can work on whatever you want.

The contest starts today, Tuesday 18th March, 9am (Paris time) and ends on Monday 24th, midnight (Paris time).

If nobody sends us a pull-request, I’ll offer the ticket to one of the watchers at random.

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