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Code-Story at Devoxx France

This year, for the third year in a row, Code-Story will be at Devoxx France. This year we thought we wanted to present something different. We wanted to invite guests for smaller live-coding sessions.


And the nominees are… Here’s the list of speakers who will present one hour long coding sessions:

Mathieu Ancelin will present his live coding,

He’ll demonstrate the use of the Iteratee Api with a complete and concrete application.

Sébastian Le Merdy will present,

An interactive story of how Sébastian’s code started as an Elevator Simulation meant to run for a couple of hours on a local network was refactored into code deployed on the cloud for a hundred users.

François Sarradin will present,

How you start from a legacy java application and use Scala to first write tests and then improve the application.

Jonathan Perret is preparing, A mysterious Kata, just for us Update: Because of a bad organisation on our side, we eventually couldn’t invite Jonathan. We suck.

Jean-Laurent and I will present

An opinionated full fledge web stack based on Java 8 and CoffeeScript.

I’m sure you are going to enjoy these talks, so can meet us at the Code-Story room at Devoxx!

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