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Code Story Live Coding at Devoxx World

Posted on 2 mins read

Code Story

Four weeks until Devoxx World. This will be the first time I participate to a major international conference. I can’t wait.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have tickets, please come take a look at what my friends and I, the CodeStory Team, are going to accomplish during Devoxx. We are going to code an application live! This application is called “Devoxx Fight”. It will let you organise fights between subjects or speakers or rooms, share your fights and vote for them by registering to Devoxx sessions. It will be published here continuously, live from Devoxx.

We are eager to get your feedback on both the website and the live coding performance. So please, make a pit stop between conferences and come check on us. We’ll code from the exhibition floor

If you want to know more about CodeStory, we have a blog. Mainly in french. That’s because during Devoxx Paris, we also coded an application live.

Can’t wait to be there!

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