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JUnit Max just rocks!

Posted on 2 mins read

JUnit Max is an Eclipse plugin developed by Kent Beck himself. After a few days testing it on a medium size project every day, I can tell you that it just rocks!

The idea being the plugin is very simple and not new: it runs all the unit tests as soon as a source file is saved. The magic is that tests are run in order to give you the quickest feedback possible. To do so, it keeps statistics of most failing/most stable tests and use a few other tricks to run the test that have highest probability to fail first.

The results are there: I closed Junit view for ever in Eclipse and never launch tests manually. More space on the desktop, less clicks. All good!

A few things need to be fixed before it becomes mainstream: Support or multi-module projects in Eclipse, better error trace analysis and display.

If you do TDD and are ready to spend 2$ a month to beta test it, subscribe here. I did and don’t regret it.

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