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More tests on Guice

Posted on 2 mins read

In my previous post, I compared Guice and Spring JavaConfig. The conclusion is that, for my application, Spring is much easier to use and less verbose. However, the major force of Guice I didn’t talk about is it’s ability to inject Singletons into large applications in a very (very) effective way.

Let’s say you want to inject the same instance of an interface into hundreds of objects:

  • With Spring, you’d declare a bean for each of these hundred objects, so that you can inject the singleton.
  • With Guice, you just annotate the singleton interface with @ImplementedBy(SingletonImpl.class) and annotate each object with @Inject where you need to inject the singleton implementation. Result : not a single line of configuration and it’s faster at runtime than Spring.

Next time, I’ll check if Spring’s @Autowired annotation can do similar things.

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