Java 8? So last month… Welcome Java 9!

You know I’m a huge fan of Java 8. It took a lot of time to be released but there’s a handful of features that are worth the wait. This release is very important for the future of Java.

But what if Java 8 was so last month?

Not using Java 8 already? You should!
Not trying Java 9 already? You should!

People should have started using Java 8 months ago. Maybe not in production. At least for tests. I remember in November 2012, I was angry because the latest beta broke all my applications. I was angry but I was well prepared when Java finally shipped 18 months later.

You missed the Java 8 train. Don’t worry, time has come to test Java 9!

Where’s Java 9

You can download here. Give it a try.

What’s in it?

I don’t know. Reading this article, it seems we might finally have Reification and Memory efficient data structures.

That’d be nice.

Give it a try. Now!

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