TDD is too good of a tool

Some people started attacks against a few TDD proponents, namely Kent Beck and Bob Martin. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time. What these bloggers don’t get is that TDD is not presented as the silver bullet by anybody serious about programming (and yes, Kent Beck and Bob Martin are serious about programming).

It’s presented as a tool that developers can use if they are trying to improve their art of programming. There are plenty other paths to improvement.

To me, here is the main problem with TDD: it’s too good of a tool. It’s like a very good sharp knife, it does so many things well that tou are tempted to use it for task. A good knife can cut, slice, dice, peel, dig, even screw and sometimes hammer with its handle. Some developers find TDD useful to help improve: test coverage, design, team work, code maintainability, … We should’nt forget the other tools in our toolbox. I know Kent Beck or Bob Martin don’t.

One thought on “TDD is too good of a tool”

  1. Yes, well, ahem. And, I think of those gigs where I have walked into a veritable code rat-nest: put together with a dozen programmers that have long since been shown the door. The task at hand would be formidable by even the most talented programmers available. Does this fault the programmers? No. Why?: because most if not all programmers have some sense of a design or a target. Minimally, most programmers at least follow something like establishing: a base-line metric followed by a gap-analysis leading to a final analysis. And, if the dept. they were working for had any semblance of a central idea of using TDD would have saved me a lot of headache most of the time.

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