Gwt and Maven2

Trying to use Maven2 to build a GWT project, here is the simplest pom.xml I came up with, starting from Xavier’s

The project can be tested in debug mode with mvn gwt:gwt. It is tested in deployed mode with mvn jetty:run-war

Don’t forget to provide the gwt-user.jar in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/lib.

Code legend:
Blue parts depend on your project and installation path.
Red part is only needed on a Mac.
Green part makes it easier to use the Jetty plugin.






2 thoughts on “Gwt and Maven2”

  1. Hy David,

    good work there.
    I tried it according to your sample and it worked

    But adding test to /src/test/java doesn’t work with this approach (AFAIS)… just wondering what your approach to unit-testing gwt-apps with maven is…?

    Best regards

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