Valtech Days in Dallas

This week, I’ll be in Dallas for the Valtech Days. We’ll talk about Agile, Open Source and Emerging technologies and Trends :

Planet Agile

  • Agile Documentation
  • Fragile, not Agile
  • Effects of Agile on Nine implementation Strategies
  • Moving to SCRUM
  • The Great Metrics Debate
  • Reconsidering Roles and Responsibilities on Agile Projects
  • Distributed Agile Software Development
  • How to buy Software ?

Planet Open Source

  • Enterprise Maven 2.0
  • Spring and EJB3 Compared
  • The Value Proposition of Rails
  • Test and other Ways to Make Your Code Work Right the First Time
  • Discover Seam and Sew up your Java Projects Faster Than Ever
  • Using JBoss Cache vs. Http Session, SFSB or Entity Beans
  • Monitoring Distributed Agile Projects – a Tool Comparison
  • JBoss presents SOA for Developers

Planet Emerging Technologies & Trends

  • Combining the power of Flex and Ruby on Rails
  • SOA in stages
  • Conditions for the dream of ORM to become true
  • Emerging trends in Outsourcing Software Development – Rural Shoring
  • An introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Test Driven Developments and Webservices
  • Pratices on Lean Thinking
  • Executable Requirements: How Fitnesse Can Benefit Your Team