Source code IS the Design

During Craig Larman’s trip in Paris, after he gave us a two days training on ScrumMaster Certification, I visited a couple of customers with him. We told them how to apply Agile Methods like Scrum on their projects.

We also had some time to discuss about design and coding. Craig said something that is so simple and so important at the same time : “People are spending some much time designing with fancy tools. It’s so stupid, they should realize that source code IS the design. Only the compiled code is the product”

Think about it: Source code lays down the design. A source code that doesn’t show the design is like a bad map drawn by a terrible architect.

2 thoughts on “Source code IS the Design”

  1. Mister x (Cedric?),

    I agree that it sounds dangerous. At the same time, I like to advocate on the principle that Code Is Design.
    From my small experience, people tend to over-design, code spagetti-style and not document.
    My goal is to design while coding, mainly by refactoring a lot, to code properly, again refactoring a lot, and to document my code and generate some doc from the code automatically.

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