Have some fun with GoogleX

You own a mac and use Google every day? Why don’t you GoogleX?

Once again Google demonstrates that great things can still be done on web client.

As of yesterday, Google removed its GoogleX page. However, it can be found elsewhere. This site gives you a zip file containing the files to keep the page alive. Mac OS X rocks !

2 thoughts on “Have some fun with GoogleX”

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    Yesterday, Google released Google X, which copied the sporty, genie like affect of the OS X Dock (which all my clients love). Many people noticed that last night, Google X was taken offline. C|Net reports that Apple has sought patent protection for this genie affect.

    So rumors are that Apple told Google to pull it. Why?

    Well, Apple and Google are huge brands. They are synonymous with cool, they are perceived as cool companies. Those who are deeply involved with Google or Apple have issues with them, but the masses see both companies as “cool.” So the two are fighting to be the coolest company. Childish or pure marketing suaveness?

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